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Primary Anchor
Top 95 Southeast station is looking for a Primary Anchor who is an engaging, creative, committed newsroom leader.
Top 65 SE station looking for an experienced anchor/reporter. Must be enterprising and engaging. Immediate opening.
Weekend Am Anchor / Reporter / MMJ
Weekend Am Anchor/MMJ/Reporter for a Top 20 South station. Experienced and enterprising. Must be able to shoot and edit. Immediate opening.
Weekend PM Anchor/Reporter
Top 50 SE Station looking for a dynamic, enterprising, experienced anchor/reporter. Must have 4+ years of anchoring and reporting. Social Media savvy. A journalist who values enterprise reporting.
5:30 PM Anchor/Reporter
Top 40 South station looking for a 5:30 PM Anchor/Reporter for their weekday evening newscast. Must have at least 3 years of anchoring experience. Enterprising reporter.
Primary Anchor
Top 60 SE station is looking for a Primary Anchor/Reporter. Must be a newsroom leader with at least 5 years experience. Enterprising, engaging and experienced. Immediate opening.
Weekend Anchor / Reporter
Top 10 Southwest station is looking for a weekend anchor. Candidates must also be strong reporters who can lead the evening newscasts.
Investigative Reporter
Top 50 SE Station looking for an investigative reporter. Must have investigative reporting experience.
AM MMJ/Reporter
Top 30 SE Market looking for an AM MMJ/Reporter. Active storyteller. Enterprising and versatile. Immediate opening.
Top 20 SE looking for an experienced MMJ. Must shoot , edit and write. Immediate opening.
GA Reporter
Top 15 Midwest market is looking for a GA reporter. Candidates should have a proven track record of developing sources and using social media to build great stories.
Top 20 Market looking for an MMJ for their bureau. Enterprising reporter, experienced, must shoot and edit.
Digital Sports Reporter/Weekend Sports Anchor
Digital Sports Reporter who will also anchor weekend sports. Main responsibility is providing sports content for the website. Produce and edit sportscasts. Social media savvy. Immediate opening.
AM Meteorologist
Top 95 Southeast station that’s on the move is looking for a morning meteorologist who understands the science behind an engaging, customer-focused forecast. Seals/Meteorology degree a plus.
Top 10 West Coast station is looking for a primary meteorologist. Candidates must have great presentations for viewers who want to know how weather will affect their lifestyle.
AM & PM Producers
Top 25 South station needs both AM & PM producers. Candidates must have at least 2 years of line producing experience.
Right Now Producer
Top 30 Southeast station is looking for the next generation of newscast producer who will manage "Right Now" news throughout the day on all platforms. Candidates need deep knowledge of social media.
Top 10 Mid-Atlantic station is looking for several newscast producers. Best candidates will be those who are always looking for one more element to add to the newscast.
Top 90 Southwest station is looking for a producer who is creative, understands writing to video and using graphics to tell great stories.
Top 20 Southeast station is looking for a producer who can tell a great news story in a busy market.
Top 50 Market is looking for a producer to lead one of their newscasts who knows how to tell stories and win the lead every day.
AM Executive Producer
Top 10 West Coast station wants an AM Executive Producer who knows what it takes to win morning newscasts. Solid content generation, management skills and social media savvy are a must.

The Producing Strategy 2.0 will help you understand your customer in an information-to-go economy. This innovative approach will help you produce compelling newscasts and identify ways to use new media platforms to impact your television news customers. It’s a great read for everyone, not just newscast producers.


Today, your newscasts compete with hundreds of new media alternatives. Television is a "push" business in a "pull" world where your customers are totally in charge.  Using The Producing Strategy, you must compel your customers to make an appointment to watch your news and stick with it.

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